Ririn Dwi Ariyanti
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The artist's couple Ririn Dwi Aryanti and Aldi Bragi were increasingly intimate. Every break in the film making of "Terlanjur Cinta", Aldi spent his time to accompany her sweetheart. Their intimateness was cleary seen. Moreover, while reading the her text, she was showing her affetionateness by sitting on Aldi's lap. "We think togetherness is very important for us," said Aldi in a HotSpot program held by SCTV (11/10/09)

Ririn said she was very happy and wanted to know about Aldi more intense. From day to day, the girl with long hair was closer to Aldi's life, including be acquainted with Aldi's daughter from his former wife, named Dira. Reportedly, Ririn often spent her time with Dira.


Ririn Dwi Ariyanti apparently indeed is ready to go out with the widower Aldi Bargi. Moreover her wish to marry Aldi Bargi made her ready to become the stepmother.

"Although later we will marry, afterwards I have child despite the stepchild, it is not problem for me," Aldi became the mature figure for Ririn because their age si very far. Interestingly, Ririn is also very close with Aldi's daughter from his former wife.


Loving a widower like Aldi Bargi, Ririn appearance and behavior becomes as if she has ever to be a wife. While she has never married before. Her appearance is shown in his latest film, titled "Terlanjur Cinta" (already love).

Ririn (25 years old) said it was difficult to play as a wife. Of course, she looked very mature as she is ready to be married by Aldi Bargi (41 years old)

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