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Ririn's New Boyfriend

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

ririn 4
The close relationship between Ririn dwi Ariyanti with Aldi Bargi is finally revealed. it is because they are now dare to appear publicly. The couple was seen arm in arm intimately when they finished watching premier show of "Saus kacang" film at Pondok Indah Mall 2, South Jakarta, on Tuesday, December 13, 2008.

When they were asked about how far their relationship is, they just answered it casually. "We don't take it seriously, we meet each other without plan. We just feel close when we see each other. So we will see what happen then," said Aldi while his hand hold Ririn's. Aldi had ever married with an Indonesian singer Ike Nurjanah, but they have divorced.

According to news, Ririn would be married with this widower in 2009, but the news was direcly denied by Ririn. "It is not right at all. We don't plan anything, we just want to enjoy ourselves for a while. We will try to understand each other. This is the first important thing." said Ririn.

As we know, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti had ever been Benny Mulya's girlfriend for about 2,5 year. Menawhile, Aldi Bargi had divorced since early 2007 and had had a daughter. Previously, Aldi had also ever fell in love with presenter Terry Putri. So, would Ririn marry Aldi? Time will answer it. However, if Ririn like it, the writer of this blog also love her very much. Would Ririn know about it?


Ririn Appears On the Catwalk

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

ririn and baju bodo

The ability of Ririn in film world in Indonesia is unquestionable. But, how is her feeling and her appearance when she is asked to become a cloth model in a cloth demonstration?

"I'am very delighted and proud. Especially when I have to show off cloth created by famous Indonesian designer. it is really new experience for me," Ririn explained at the end of exhibition at Super Mall Pacific Place, South Jakarta.

At the show, Ririn wears "bodo" cloth (a traditional cloth from Makassar) varied by modern nuance created by designer Leni Agustin.

Ririn said she very enjoyed walking on catwalk, to introduce new modern cloth "bodo". But, when she was asked if she would become catwalk model instead of actress, she said she did not want to alter her career.

"Every kinds of work have uniqueness. but I still prefer film world to fashion world. I do this just to feel another experience." she said.

Ririn, how beautiful are you. You wear cloth or not, you always look beautiful.

Source: http://www.harian-global.com

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