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Birthday Without Sweetheart

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Television actress and master of ceremonies Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, has just celebrated her birthday. The girl who was birth at Jakarta, November 6th, twenty three years ago, admitted that there was nothing special at that day. She still ran her activities as usual such as film shooting and taking a walk with her friends.

Although she didn't have boyfriend that could celebrate her birthday, she did not care of it. She said,"I still want to live freely. I can gather with all of my friends as I like without interdiction by anyone. Without boyfriend, I hope I will more mature and can understand about life better. Happy birthday Ririn.


Ririn & KPK

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

ririn 3

When an artist is on the rise, she usually installs high tariff for each acting she roles. However, this does not happen for Ririn Dwi Ariyanti. She even does not want to be paid for the advertisement model. But, not just any advertisements she does not want to be paid. The talita actor in the film‘Cahaya’ said that she was willing to be not paid to help in the KPK advertisement. KPK is the Corruption Eradication Commission. ”If i am offered to help KPK promotion, I do not want to be paid," she said.

Ririn is also ready if being asked to become the envoy for the commision chaired by Antasari Azhar. "I will appreciate it very much," she said when she had an opportunity to visit KPK office at Rasuna Said street, Jakarta.

Although she does not understand about corruption very well, this cute girl is ready if being told to help anti-corruption campaign. Good Ririn. Go. I love you.


Ririn Doesn Not like Love Broker

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Although Ririn has ended her love relation with Benny Mulya, she does not want to look for another guy. She also does not like if anyone tries to look for her a new man for her.

"I still can look for another guy personally," she said. "Love is a matter of heart. So it is better looking for by myself, isnt it?" she explained it when being met at the Persari Studio, Southern Jakarta, just recently.

The actress who her name rises fastly in her film "ADA APA DENGAN CINTA (What's up with Love)" still like to be alone without a boyfriend. Has she closed her heart from the presence of a man?

"No, I don't close myself, indeed I still has not yet found the man that is suited for me. Moreover, I have many activities. it would be better for me to be alone for sometime." she said. To make forget her past, she often spent time with the family and worked.

"If shooting activity is off, I go for holiday with my family. everything I enjoy it. I don't like to remember the past. It will make me nervous if I keep thinking of it." Ririn said.


Different of Age is Not a Problem

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Met after attending Angel and Steven's wedding party, Ririn Dwi Aryanti said if the difference of age was not a hindrance in a marriage.

Coming at the wedding accompanied by her beloved mom, the artist who was born at Jakarta, November 6, 1985 said that the most important thing in a marriage was readiness and a true commitment between the couple.

When she was asked the time she would get married, she did not answer it. She just said that she still wanted to close with her family.


Ririn Gets Married?

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Many news repeatedly broadcasted that Ririn Dwi Ariyanti would get married. However, those news were evidently hoax. This young beautiful artist who just got her scholarship stated that she did not want to get married this year. "I still want to be mama's daughter,' she said.

The gossip spread because of her relationship with her boyfriend Benny had been going on for 4 years. This pair were seen harmonious and always intimate together.

"The marriage gossip is untrue. I just finished graduation and Benny also wanted to complete the lecture previously by studying overseas," she explained when being met at a press conference in Annex Building Upper Room 10th floor, the Nikko Hotel, Jakarta.

Ririn felt she had not yet been ready to be a wife. Moreover her characteristics were also still childish.

The cute artist who her name was popular because of her TV serial "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta" still could not know when she was ready to marriage. "Time will answer. I just do whatever I must do," she said. (eny/eny)


Ririn Gets Her Scholarship Degree

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, a Indonesian film star, had the degree of the Scholar at Communication study. However, hen the graduation ceremony was held, Ririn said that she regretted about her study.

"I regret because I should finish my study in 3,5 years, not in 4 years as it is ow," said Ririn after graduation in his campus of the Paramadina University, Street. Jend. Gatot Soebroto, Jakarta.

The virgin who was on the rise through her film "CINCIN" (the 'Ring') in fact planned to finish her study in 3,5 years. But there was still one subject she did not complete it yet.

Ririn passed her study with the quite satisfactory value. Her GPA is 3.47. She smoothly passed her final exam which discussed her thesis entitle: the effectiveness of Spesialism Adventure of IO Angel at Citra Innovasion on Circle Store (direct retail customer survey survey on TV.

"Earlier I am afraid my chapter 2 of the thesis can not pass the selection. And it is recommended to subtitute the topic," she said putting in mind about the past.

Currently this Olivia Zalianty's friend can lighten. The degree of the scholarship is already on her hands and she plans to continue her study the master level.


Ririn Goes into the Jail

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Several minutes before adzan (prayer calling for Moslem) at twilight, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti film star entered the prison. "I not frightened," said the virgin who jumps through the fim CINCIN (=the ring).

Ririn indeed entered the prison. She entered the Pondok Bambu Detention Centre, located at Pahlawan Revolusi street Street, number 38, Pondok Bambu, Jakarta East.

The artist who just had the degree of the scholar from the Paramadina University entered the detention centre because of the invitation of his friend, Revaldo. In this detention centre, Revaldo held the agenda to have dinner with prisoners and staffs of detention centre during the Fasting day of Moslem.

"Because I'm invited, I come. Moreover, I'm not very busy right now, and I'm eager to share with fellows inside." She said.

Entering the prison, Ririn claimed she did no frighten. Se was very enthusiastic because she never went into prison before. "I Want to know he situation inside here," she said while hurriedly entering the detention centre.


Posed herself Imprudent

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Do you know that Ririn Dwi Ariyanti sometime has rough attitude? Moreover, One of her coarseness casualty actually is her close friend, fellow artist Naysila Mirdad. Even Ririn often mistreats Naysila. if we see what Ririn has done to Naysila, we will think how can she is very cruel to her close friend.

However this incident only happens in Ririn's newest film produced by Sinemart entitled CAHAYA (=the Light). In this film the girl who has still been studying at Paramadina University performed a duet with the main actor of the film "PERMATA" (=Diamond), Maysila Mirdad.

Ririn does not want to explain about her newest film. She just told that she will play role as Talita. She think that her new role is unique enough compared with previous film.

"Yes like other humankind. Sometimes good, but sometimes bad," she said when being contacted detikhot via her cellular phone, recently.

Further, the artist who admitted she is not yet willing to work in a office, said that the CAHAYA narrated about friendship with the love conflict. A figure Talita is spoilt and loneliness and her sole friend is her servant. The conflicts then happens one to each other. Do you eager to watch it?


Never Celebrate Valentine

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Many young couples impatient in waiting the arrival of the routine affection day fell on February 14.However, it is another matter with the cute artist Ririn Dwi Ariyanti. The player of the RING film (RCTI) admitted to not celebrating Valentine with her sweetheart. "I usually just give to each other a flower as a love expression," she said. "But, I never celebrate it specially."

When she was with Benny, she also never celebrate Valentine. But they always spend everytime
of their period to express their love to each other. "I think it is better if we love each other every day, not just at a valentine." she said.

According to her, Valentine is not a special day. Fortunatelly, her boyfriend also thought the same. He also thought that valetine was not important enough to celebrate.

"I am not romanticist. But sometime my boyfriend made situation romantic. He understood that valentine was just the same day with other days. Not very important." She explained.


As a young and talented actress, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti currently gets a new nickname. Since her first film WHAT'S UP WITH LOVE (television version), the girl who has long hair this is identical to the sad role. Moreover, her role in his other film the RING make her have to keep crying. That is why she is curently branded as the emotional role specialist.

Evidently it is not easy to role such a character. At least it is what she said when she was met in the Senayan Amusement Park (TAMAN RIA Senayan) by journalist. "It needs full of concentration to role it," she said.

To role emotional character, Ririn must really inspire the figure she plays. She continually cultivates sensitive feeling, and dramatizes everything available.
Afterwards she will enter the dialog.

In order to measure whether she successes to play the role, Ririn uses her mother as supervisor. "My mother will also cry if I am crying." she said.

Ririn claims she never uses additional tool to make her cry, such as drop medicine or etc. "It is difficult for me to use it because if I uses it, I can not get the spirit," she stated.

According to her, it is easier she gets her role emotion from inside. However, the most tools she uses is love or sad songs. If she hears them, she will cries.

As a newcomer, Ririn said that she still has to learn more and continues to dig up her potential. Therefore, she asks not to claim her identify with tearful character. Who knows someday she gets a more challenging and stern antagonist role.


Ririn's Films

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Ririn Dwi Ariyanti is known as a model, film actress and presenter. In her family, Ririn is the youngest. She has only one sister. Ririn was born in Jakarta, on November 6, 1985.

Ririn's first film was WHAT'S UP WITH LOVE The Series, BUKAN DIRIKU (=Not Me), CINCIN (=Ring), IMPIAN CINDERELLA (=Cinderella dream), MANUSIA BODOH (=Stupid Person) and the MATAHARI CINTA (=Sun of Love). Her newest film is CAHAYA (=Light).

In film the RING, Ririn played a role as Airin, that had the mature, gentle and firm attitude in her personality. On the other hand, in film NOT ME, played with Baim Wong and Bertrand Antolin (Indonesian actors), she must play a role as the sobbed sister who every time must drop the tear.


Ririn Likes Sings and Dances

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

The star of the film "CINCIN (= Ring)", Ririn Riyanti, admitted that she has the habit she occasionally can not be controlled by herself. It often happens when she listens to music. Moreover she is sometime unaware bringing this habit to shooting location. She admits it in an interview by one of a television station that she often sing and wiggle unconciously when listening to music.

According to her, she has this habit when she made her first television film "Ada Apa dengan Cinta (=What the matter with Love?). "I also like singing in the bathroom," she revealed. Perhaps everyone who does not get along with her will think she is mad of singing and wobbling. "But I don't care about that as far as I like it," she stated.

Because of this habit, a song producer ever offered her to make an song album, but she refused it. Apparently Ririn does not want to follow the tracks of her colleagues in film world who try to be a singer and an actor as well. Ririn is not interested in it and she more tends to choose the world of acting as his career.


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Always take Care of Health

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

As a beautiful young girl with long and fragrant black hair, Ririn always takes care of her health. She never eats junk food or other unhealthy ones. She believes 100% that health is very precious, like a water in the sand ocean. She tries to keep her health by consuming fresh fruits and green vegetables. Even, fruits now become her daily snacks. She never goes everywhere without them. So it is not surprising that she always look fresh and beautiful.

Unfortunately, due to her tight daily activities, she confess that she has not been having a time to do sport. even, she rarely has a time to do her favorite sport, as swimming.


Ririn & Free Association

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Ririn, confess, personally, she has no horrible experience about free association, although she feels it is not easy against the great influence by her friends and modern environment around her.

Ririn must be good at to choose the friend who was good for her. She also always allows her parents to supervise her, so that she is more controlled in her socialife.

Precise in selecting friend and the social environment is one of the methods warding off temptation as well as the bad influence of her association.

She feels grateful because her relations with her family is very close and good and formed her character when she is teens.

The daughter of Sudiman Riyanto Noto with her mother Amelia Rusanti said that her family gave her enough freedom, based on mutual undertanding and exact rule.


The extravagant of showbiz stage indeed is covered by the shining light of freedom.
However this is not thing that Dwi Ariyanti Noto is looked for. this is the strict comment of the leading and beautiful actress of love serial film in television "What's the matter with love" (AAdC), which is usually called Ririn. The serial film is televised every Sunday by RCTI. She proved her opinion by attending the invitation of his close friend to present at a talk show in Bandung, organised by karisma, ITB Young Islamic Mosque organisation last week. The event had a title "Smart without Drugs."

'I just want to convince that life with no drugs is far better," she said.

This mature opinion is interesting because it comes from the mouth of Ririn, a still young girl born in Jakarta, November 6, 1985. She is not only pretty, but she also has a typical exotic face of Indonesian girl with beautiful long hair, matching with her slender body and her friendly attitude. her appeareance sometimes seems to give her smooth road to her higher career in the world of art and entertainment.

However, not only her beauty that gives her good life. Her firm belief, the courage to take decision and its risk, along with her professional attitude are also the key to her success.
Her parents gives her the freedom to choose her way of life. Those make Ririn more responsible with her life.

Not far different with her tender attitude, Ririn never worries what vehicles she wants to ride to go to attend her communication study at paramadina University or to go to her shooting locations.

Moreover public transport facilities like the taxi or the city bus still often she used to support her movement.

However, this ad-star of shampoo with beautiful hair more often uses Toyota Kijang, newest car of hes family, to support for her daily interests that more often needs punctuality. If not be forced, she rarely drives her vehicle personally. that's why she admits that she daos not understand about machine completely.

"I like Jazz with the red colour," said Ririn, half shouted. it is the car she wants to be owned, when Otokir magazine asked about what kind of car she likely to buy at this time.

her soft appearance imagines of a car which has capacity of 1,4 Lt, with low consumption of fuel and has a power that reached 83hp. But when she sees and feels the Jakarta City traffic that often was stricken by the impasse, the artist who lives at Bintaro Permai residence often feels irritated. "In the condition like that, it seems that I must have a big vehicle that could penetrate and divide the impasse so I can immediately come to my destiny," she said.

When talk about big car, she likely choose a SUV Nissan X-Trail. Yes, That is all about Dwi Ariyanti or Ririn. Thoughts and her choice of a vehicle is very simple, accordance with her personal and her appearance.

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