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Ririn Gets Married?

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Many news repeatedly broadcasted that Ririn Dwi Ariyanti would get married. However, those news were evidently hoax. This young beautiful artist who just got her scholarship stated that she did not want to get married this year. "I still want to be mama's daughter,' she said.

The gossip spread because of her relationship with her boyfriend Benny had been going on for 4 years. This pair were seen harmonious and always intimate together.

"The marriage gossip is untrue. I just finished graduation and Benny also wanted to complete the lecture previously by studying overseas," she explained when being met at a press conference in Annex Building Upper Room 10th floor, the Nikko Hotel, Jakarta.

Ririn felt she had not yet been ready to be a wife. Moreover her characteristics were also still childish.

The cute artist who her name was popular because of her TV serial "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta" still could not know when she was ready to marriage. "Time will answer. I just do whatever I must do," she said. (eny/eny)


Ririn Gets Her Scholarship Degree

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, a Indonesian film star, had the degree of the Scholar at Communication study. However, hen the graduation ceremony was held, Ririn said that she regretted about her study.

"I regret because I should finish my study in 3,5 years, not in 4 years as it is ow," said Ririn after graduation in his campus of the Paramadina University, Street. Jend. Gatot Soebroto, Jakarta.

The virgin who was on the rise through her film "CINCIN" (the 'Ring') in fact planned to finish her study in 3,5 years. But there was still one subject she did not complete it yet.

Ririn passed her study with the quite satisfactory value. Her GPA is 3.47. She smoothly passed her final exam which discussed her thesis entitle: the effectiveness of Spesialism Adventure of IO Angel at Citra Innovasion on Circle Store (direct retail customer survey survey on TV.

"Earlier I am afraid my chapter 2 of the thesis can not pass the selection. And it is recommended to subtitute the topic," she said putting in mind about the past.

Currently this Olivia Zalianty's friend can lighten. The degree of the scholarship is already on her hands and she plans to continue her study the master level.


Ririn Goes into the Jail

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Several minutes before adzan (prayer calling for Moslem) at twilight, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti film star entered the prison. "I not frightened," said the virgin who jumps through the fim CINCIN (=the ring).

Ririn indeed entered the prison. She entered the Pondok Bambu Detention Centre, located at Pahlawan Revolusi street Street, number 38, Pondok Bambu, Jakarta East.

The artist who just had the degree of the scholar from the Paramadina University entered the detention centre because of the invitation of his friend, Revaldo. In this detention centre, Revaldo held the agenda to have dinner with prisoners and staffs of detention centre during the Fasting day of Moslem.

"Because I'm invited, I come. Moreover, I'm not very busy right now, and I'm eager to share with fellows inside." She said.

Entering the prison, Ririn claimed she did no frighten. Se was very enthusiastic because she never went into prison before. "I Want to know he situation inside here," she said while hurriedly entering the detention centre.


Posed herself Imprudent

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Do you know that Ririn Dwi Ariyanti sometime has rough attitude? Moreover, One of her coarseness casualty actually is her close friend, fellow artist Naysila Mirdad. Even Ririn often mistreats Naysila. if we see what Ririn has done to Naysila, we will think how can she is very cruel to her close friend.

However this incident only happens in Ririn's newest film produced by Sinemart entitled CAHAYA (=the Light). In this film the girl who has still been studying at Paramadina University performed a duet with the main actor of the film "PERMATA" (=Diamond), Maysila Mirdad.

Ririn does not want to explain about her newest film. She just told that she will play role as Talita. She think that her new role is unique enough compared with previous film.

"Yes like other humankind. Sometimes good, but sometimes bad," she said when being contacted detikhot via her cellular phone, recently.

Further, the artist who admitted she is not yet willing to work in a office, said that the CAHAYA narrated about friendship with the love conflict. A figure Talita is spoilt and loneliness and her sole friend is her servant. The conflicts then happens one to each other. Do you eager to watch it?


Never Celebrate Valentine

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Many young couples impatient in waiting the arrival of the routine affection day fell on February 14.However, it is another matter with the cute artist Ririn Dwi Ariyanti. The player of the RING film (RCTI) admitted to not celebrating Valentine with her sweetheart. "I usually just give to each other a flower as a love expression," she said. "But, I never celebrate it specially."

When she was with Benny, she also never celebrate Valentine. But they always spend everytime
of their period to express their love to each other. "I think it is better if we love each other every day, not just at a valentine." she said.

According to her, Valentine is not a special day. Fortunatelly, her boyfriend also thought the same. He also thought that valetine was not important enough to celebrate.

"I am not romanticist. But sometime my boyfriend made situation romantic. He understood that valentine was just the same day with other days. Not very important." She explained.

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