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Ririn Doesn Not like Love Broker

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Although Ririn has ended her love relation with Benny Mulya, she does not want to look for another guy. She also does not like if anyone tries to look for her a new man for her.

"I still can look for another guy personally," she said. "Love is a matter of heart. So it is better looking for by myself, isnt it?" she explained it when being met at the Persari Studio, Southern Jakarta, just recently.

The actress who her name rises fastly in her film "ADA APA DENGAN CINTA (What's up with Love)" still like to be alone without a boyfriend. Has she closed her heart from the presence of a man?

"No, I don't close myself, indeed I still has not yet found the man that is suited for me. Moreover, I have many activities. it would be better for me to be alone for sometime." she said. To make forget her past, she often spent time with the family and worked.

"If shooting activity is off, I go for holiday with my family. everything I enjoy it. I don't like to remember the past. It will make me nervous if I keep thinking of it." Ririn said.


Different of Age is Not a Problem

By Adi Afifa Kurnia

Met after attending Angel and Steven's wedding party, Ririn Dwi Aryanti said if the difference of age was not a hindrance in a marriage.

Coming at the wedding accompanied by her beloved mom, the artist who was born at Jakarta, November 6, 1985 said that the most important thing in a marriage was readiness and a true commitment between the couple.

When she was asked the time she would get married, she did not answer it. She just said that she still wanted to close with her family.

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