The extravagant of showbiz stage indeed is covered by the shining light of freedom.
However this is not thing that Dwi Ariyanti Noto is looked for. this is the strict comment of the leading and beautiful actress of love serial film in television "What's the matter with love" (AAdC), which is usually called Ririn. The serial film is televised every Sunday by RCTI. She proved her opinion by attending the invitation of his close friend to present at a talk show in Bandung, organised by karisma, ITB Young Islamic Mosque organisation last week. The event had a title "Smart without Drugs."

'I just want to convince that life with no drugs is far better," she said.

This mature opinion is interesting because it comes from the mouth of Ririn, a still young girl born in Jakarta, November 6, 1985. She is not only pretty, but she also has a typical exotic face of Indonesian girl with beautiful long hair, matching with her slender body and her friendly attitude. her appeareance sometimes seems to give her smooth road to her higher career in the world of art and entertainment.

However, not only her beauty that gives her good life. Her firm belief, the courage to take decision and its risk, along with her professional attitude are also the key to her success.
Her parents gives her the freedom to choose her way of life. Those make Ririn more responsible with her life.

Not far different with her tender attitude, Ririn never worries what vehicles she wants to ride to go to attend her communication study at paramadina University or to go to her shooting locations.

Moreover public transport facilities like the taxi or the city bus still often she used to support her movement.

However, this ad-star of shampoo with beautiful hair more often uses Toyota Kijang, newest car of hes family, to support for her daily interests that more often needs punctuality. If not be forced, she rarely drives her vehicle personally. that's why she admits that she daos not understand about machine completely.

"I like Jazz with the red colour," said Ririn, half shouted. it is the car she wants to be owned, when Otokir magazine asked about what kind of car she likely to buy at this time.

her soft appearance imagines of a car which has capacity of 1,4 Lt, with low consumption of fuel and has a power that reached 83hp. But when she sees and feels the Jakarta City traffic that often was stricken by the impasse, the artist who lives at Bintaro Permai residence often feels irritated. "In the condition like that, it seems that I must have a big vehicle that could penetrate and divide the impasse so I can immediately come to my destiny," she said.

When talk about big car, she likely choose a SUV Nissan X-Trail. Yes, That is all about Dwi Ariyanti or Ririn. Thoughts and her choice of a vehicle is very simple, accordance with her personal and her appearance.